Neighbors List a community focused, community curated service focused on providing important information about businesses and services to traditionally underserved groups. It’s important that all members of a community feel safe, and supported.

How it works.

We encourage you to sign up, and submit your business or service to the listing. You can also list a business or listing that isn’t yours but it will be subject to review and business owners are welcome to claim their business if a listing exists already. Please contact us if there are any issues with your listing.

After a listing is submitted, we will review for content (missing images, description etc) and then publish. Once published, your listing can the be reviewed by other members. We encourage members to respond constructively and encouragingly whenever possible. All reviews, and all checked attributes, are subject to adjustment by the Neighbors List curators. We promise to read your reviews and listen to your feedback, to make sure listings are accurate. If you feel a listing is erroneous or misrepresented. Please contact us.

How you can get involved

Neighbors List is a community led effort, in conjunction with Neighbors for a Safer Saint Albans, we encourage you to join the facebook group, meet your neighbors, and get involved with the ongoing work of making our City safe for all people. If you have suggestions how we can make this tool more useful for you and others, please let us know.

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